California Living

So a dear boss and friend hosted a little party recently at his house.

He is kind, tells great stories and the best host ever.
The whole team met for cocktails and each of us had to bring pieces of the dinner and appetizers. We drank "champers" (for Sam) and "Cosmos," that make you see double (thanks John). For dinner Efren blew us away with his pork loin. He marinated it in a secret sauce (you can get it from Costco) I call this pork loin 7,6,5. It means 7 Minutes on the grill on one side, 6 on the other, 5 resting. Cut and serve with a peach or mango chutney. Delish. Roasted garlic potatoes and greek feta in tomatoes, parsley and basil with a light vinegrette.

Oh and his house, awesome, so beautiful, I'd never leave home if I lived here. If you need anyone to house sit, I'm available, I promise to keep it clean and the pillows fluffed.

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