Cocktail Party

So C wanted to host a party, specifically a cocktail party. She wanted it to be low maintenance so she hired a caterer. Best idea ever. We mixed our own cocktails, pretty strong too, and got a chocolate fountain for dessert (messing but yummy). Rented tables, printed invites and voila. Party was fun and eclectic, nice mix of friends. Things we learned...1. move the bar to another area so you have two conversation areas. 2. hire someone to do the dessert, yes I had chocolate on my dress when I got home. 3. Definitely hire a maid, thanks J for lending your house. Thanks C for taking care of all the big things, it was your party and you did a great job.
Best story of the night was from our dear friend Spencer. SB invited him and C told him "no jeans, where a tuxedo." So Spencer doesn't look at the invite and gets dropprf off by a cab to my tiny little apartment dressed in a tuxedo with a bottle of champagne. Oh and of course we're not there, we're at J's house. So he tries calling us and here's how the conversation goes:

SB says "dude, where are you?"
Spencer, "dude I'm at your house, isn't this where the party is?"
SB, "no dude it's at J's house."
Spencer, "oh"

So he walks 3 blocks home, past the day/dusk workers looking for a job. All the while yelling out to Spencer, "hey senior bond," while is walking down the street at dusk in a tuxedo with a bottle of champagne.

So he finally shows up at J's house, in a Tuxedo. Awesome, I don't think C meant for him to really where it but he was bold enough to make it happen. Loved it, and it made for a great story. Thanks Spence.
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