2013 Retrospect

This year I feel like I've grown so much, I think the ALT Summit really kicked it off in January. What an inspiring 3 days with such supportive bloggers. I was inspired and it really pushed me this year. I'm excited to go back next month and see where it takes me in 2014. While I am certainly looking forward below are a few of my favorite projects this past year.


Meeting Kei & Molly. Their story and work was really inspiring to pursue what you love.


Hosting our Fall Tasting. This idea was spurred on by a class I took with Bing and AltSummit. It was an online class and well it gave me this idea, which Felicia and Deborah were on board with.  I think we'll be doing this again soon.


Part of this was hosting a Coffee Tasting, this was super fun and great working with Stumptown Coffee, I can't wait till the next one.


I finally got to write about some of my Italian adventures from forever ago here.


I loved my weekly visits to the Santa Monica Farmers Market and was inspired to make new things just by what was in season.

Slice Chocolate Gluten-free almond cake 2.jpg

Oh and this Gluten Free Chocolate Almond Cake....wow I love this cake.

Lake Reflections.JPG

I loved this trip this year to California Lake Country. I am so in for doing this again. Was a beautiful place to visit.

Peanut Butter Kisses Cookie.jpg

These Peanut Butter Chocolate Kiss Cookies got a lot of mileage on Pinterest this year.

Candied Orange Peels.jpg

I had a great time learning to make Candied Orange Peels, I can't wait to try this with a few other citrus fruits.

Portrait Dad.jpg

Seriously I am almost finished with the Cuba tale. This is one of my favorite posts, Cuba a Bittersweet Tale, on this trip, because it was all about my Dad. I still cry when I read it, so does he.

Those are a few of my favorite things from 2013. I'm looking forward to new adventures next year and hope to check off a few things from my goals list. Enjoy!

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The Range Cafe

Range Cafe sign

Everytime I go to Albuquerque this place is a must visit. It's in the town of Bernalillo (pronounced Burn-a-leo). It's a great cafe that has been cloned through out the city of Albuquerque, but the original is the best. The food is good, nice American fare with a touch of New Mexico.

Range Cafe food

Often when you order your food here, burritos, tacos, burgers and eggs the question always comes, red or green? Chili that is. New Mexico chili is fantastic. I usually go for the green its roasted just right with a smokey flavor, really it goes with just about everything.

Coffee mug
The coffee is perfect her, just black, no need for sugar or cream and I love both. SB and I always take home a bag of beans of the Range and Blue Lightening blend of coffee, to have at home.
I have to say though my favorite part of this place is the ambience, it's eclectic and warm.


It's in a building with an old soda fountain. Art on all the walls (much of which was donated by local artists), colorful chairs, plates and fanciful decor.
It always makes me happy when I go here.

You have to visit this location and experience a great local place.

Range Cafe
928 Camino del Pueblo

Bernalillo, New Mexico

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