Diana Vreeland

This is a video week for me. Finally catching up on a few things I've been dying to read and watch. Not to mention being slightly distracted by all the JFK conspiracy videos and Slate articles I've read. Fifty years ago today. Still makes you sad to watch that footage, let alone if you were alive when it happened. Heart still goes out to that family, even after all these years.

On another less grim note, I have seen a few people talk about this documentary on Diana Vreeland (pronounced DeeAnna), so I finally queued it up on Netflix and got to watching. This is one of those inspirational people that you hear about for so long, but don't really know much about. Diana was WAY ahead of her time and lived in a world of her own making. She was a the creative force behind Harpers Baazar and the Editor in Chief of Vogue, before the days of Anna Wintour. This is the kind of movie I loved talking about with my friend Efren, we would so dissect every line and there were so many great ones in this documentary. George Plimpton who interviewed her to write her memoirs asks about her childhood.

Diana answers:  "Where do I begin? Well the first thing to do, my love, is arrange to be born in Paris after that everything follows quite naturally."

She was fabulous and used words like "Mad about..." before that was even fashionable. It's the stylish way to say "that's Banana's." I so wish I could have met this woman. She inspired a character in Funny Face and I swear Audrey Hepburn stole some of her lines in Charade, not to mention the Devil Wears Prada. If you love fashion and creativity, you have to watch this movie. I am just "mad about it."

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