San Francisco

Everyone knows NOBODY walks in L.A.  But I recently traveled to two great U.S. Cities that everyone walks in.  San Francisco and New York.

I rarely get to travel this much.  What a great exception, London and Paris in March, and San Francisco and New York in June.  Wow, four great cities all in the Spring, my favorite time of year. 

San Francisco and NY were for business, so I didn't take my camera as I took "carry-on" luggage and my multiple electronic devices, oy vey (laptop, iPad and 2 iPhones - Business/Personal).  Ridiculous.
(not me, but Anna, san bangs)

I went to some great restaurants in between walking to and from the office and the meeting facilities.  When your out of town on business you get to try all kinds of interesting places.

So here's a sampling of where I went, all courtesy of my iPhone(s).
The Salt House
545 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94104

Reservations are recommended, but we walked in and sat at a communal table with our client. 
Food was fresh and delicious. 
 Asparagus soup.

 Lobster cannelloni.  Rich and amazing.

I dig the skull stamped milk jars maskings as water jugs.

Next day lead us up and down Nob Hill.  Great exercise.  I seriously had to stretch out my calve muscles the next day after this jaunt to the Swam Oyster Depot.  I had a recommendation from a team member that this was the most amazing seafood that he ever ate.  I was expecting white table clothes and candles, great wine and an overall dining experience.  What I got was this....
Swan Oyster Depot
1517 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA  94109

No reservations required.  We were fortunate enough to walk right in and take a seat at the counter.  I believe my co-worker is a foodie thru and thru.  This place had great fresh fish, nothing is cooked.  Everyone came in ordering crab legs, fresh shrimp, mussels and clam chowder (which is cooked).  I order my childhood favorite appetizer.  Jumbo shrimp cocktail.  It was the freshest shrimp I've ever eaten. I have to admit I must have given my Mom many a heart attack growing up.  She'd occasionally treat us to a dinner out and when she'd get up to wash her hands the waitress would come up and ask me what I wanted.  As SB knows I have Champagne taste on a Beer budget.  So I'd order a Shrimp cocktail, Lobster you know the expensive stuff and she'd be left ordering a Salad.  Money was tight, but I seemed to be obviously.  I found out many years later when I traveled with my Dad to Cuba and he order Shrimp Cocktail, that this is where I got this fetish from.

They served this with big crusty bread and I ordered a glass of white wine.  Was well worth the hilly walk.  I've heard most people have to wait in line for up to 30 minutes to get in.  This day we just hit it right.
 Here's their story.  Not fancy place, but you can't beat the friendly service, and it was authentic.

This place is as busy behind the counter as it is in front.

My next stop was a place I'd read about in Bon Appetit.  In fact I tore that page out of the magazine and took it with me to SF.  I found the closest place to where I was working and walk to Sons & Daughters.

Here's what the Bon Appetit review said:
New American Cuisine with a touch of molecular gastronomy is showcased here, with four courses going for a reasonable $54. Just up Nob Hill from Union Square shopping, the cozy room serves a fine squab breast with squab leg confit, squab pâté, pear, and hazelnuts. 

Sons & Daughters
708 Bush Street
415- 391-8311

Here's the menu.  I did the tasting menu which was 4 course for $58.  Does not include wine.  Wine is an additional $42. Yikes.  Everything I ordered was great except the dessert.  I'm all about trying new stuff, but I should have gone with my gut.  Instead I order the Candy Cap mushroom cake with Black truffle ice cream, porcini, cinnamon and carmel.  It was way to black truffle, over powering.  It needed more sweet and less dirt.  Wasn't the best way to end the meal.  I thought the service was really good here, but I've never had my silverware taken and replaced so many times.  It seriously was crazy, waiters with cigar boxes of silverware sneaking in swiping old with new, even if I hadn't used it. This was for every course and quite disruptive to the conversation flow.

Decor was cool.
Interesting little courses that slid in and out between plates were delicate and tasty.
We did have a quick drink at a bar in the Tenderloin called Rye.  I liked this place, had lots of character.

688 Geary St
San Francisco, California 94102
(415) 474-4448
Next China Town.

I didn't take a picture of the restaurant only the walk to the place. 

Great Chinese food at R&G.  This is the second time I've been here during my San Francisco travels.
R & G Lounge
631 Kearny St
San Francisco, CA 94108-1810
(415) 982-7877

Now for all the random fun pictures while experimenting with my iPhone.

 Random murals tucked into all the alleys.

 Love that San Francisco appreciates Bansky enough to put some plexiglass over to protect.

 Another Banksy.

 From my hotel room.

Random building, but I was drawn to it.  San Francisco is a great city to explore on foot.  I thoroughly enjoyed the week.  Be prepared though. It's cold up there especially when the sun goes down.  Bring scarf and a rain coat.
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