3 Square Cafe


I drive up and down Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, California on a daily basis. I rarely get to park, as parking in L.A. is so not fun. But this past week I found a primo parking space and went from store to store to explore. I use to live in Venice over 15 years ago, back then it was a artsy sleepy beach town with an edgy interior and all the eclectic people that make this place unique.

Now for the first part of my rant: Why aren't people as friendly anymore? Venice has change so much, with all the new money moving in, people have lost their sense of small neighborhood talk. When I lived in Venice, I knew all my neighbors. Across the street were the four channels,
an apartment building with four windows that faced us. On any given day someone would be hanging out the window strumming an acoustic guitar or in another "channel" changing into beachware for a quick run to the boardwalk. Next door was a lovable man, who also liked to get drunk and listen to Tina Turner "We don't need another Hero" (Thunderdome). He always watched out for us with all the crack addicts roaming the streets at night. I still giggle thinking of this man listening to that particular song.

And the second part of my rant: While visiting the
3 Square Cafe on Abbot Kinney and San Juan at 9:30a.m. on Memorial Day, we were told that the would only serve Brunch and not breakfast. Tell me if I'm wrong but isn't Brunch suppose to be breakfast and lunch so thus shouldn't it be served closer to the lunch hour, say 11a.m.? Oh and our waiter was so not friendly (which reverts to my original rant) and didn't seem even entertain our breakfast quandary. We considered leaving, but stood the course and order from the side menu. I have to say we created a lovely breakfast and the German Apple pancake my friends little girl ordered was delicious. Crispy on the outside and perfectly sweet and soft inside with delicious baked apples. Ideally it's served with creme fraiche, although we removed this for the lactose intolerant. We also order a tin of pastries and breads that was served with the best raspberry jam.The potatoes we perfectly crisping on the outside and soft and salty inside. I ordered a side poached egg this was delicious. For the past 3 days I've tried to recreate this poached egg, to no avail. I've even been told by SB that I'm starting to ruin pans with my experimentation's. I refuse to believe that I need a fancy pan to poach an egg. I will keep trying my experiments to perfect the poached egg. Any tips are welcome.

The ironic thing about this two part rant is I know I'll keep going to Venice and eating at these places, despite the unfriendliness and the early brunches. There is still an artsy side to it despite the gentrification of the place. Here's to hoping people start saying "hello" more often and being a bit more neighbourly.
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