Alt Summit SLC

So I will be off and on this week as I'm attending the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City for a fantastic blogging conference. I hope this year not to be so much a deer in the headlights, but more of a participant.

After last years conference I was motivated, I got my site and branding together, created a beginners editorial calendar and tried to stick to a more regular schedule of posting. I saw what worked and what didn't. I attended a few follow-up classes with Alt that really helped. My fellow bloggers and myself were able to host a really fun event which was spurred on by a class with Natalie Bowman from Bing on "How to Work with Brands." She's repeating this class so if you haven't gone you should, so practical.

Old Site.jpg

My biggest accomplishment was getting my site together, if it's not functional it drives me nutz. Above is what it looked like before, You can see how much cleaner it looks now. While I moonlight as a blogger I also work as a project manager for a tech company on marketing campaign sites, so I have a lot to say about functional nice design.

One thing for sure is my mom said it's easier for her to find things on my new site, and we all know we blog for our mothers, don't we. Even today I told her, "I have a recipe for you, go to my site you'll see the link."

I hope to share some nuggets with you after a week of filling my mind with creative ideas and meeting some amazing people and brands. Enjoy!

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