Wino Wednesday

So an early day brought me home to chill out from the past few weeks of utter craziness. Holiday breaks always come just at my breaking point.
Braving the L.A. traffic home we made our way down the street for two pizzas from Hosteria de Picollo. One with heirloom tomatoes and olives, the other with sausage and olives. Both on homemade thin crust pizza dough.

Being that its Wino Wednesday I grabbed a bottle from our teeny tiny wine rack. Problem is SB and I can't remember where we purchased it. However that isn't stopping me from talking about it.

Vina Ecoyen Reserva Navarra
Product of Spain

My Tasting notes: Cherry and Vanilla, oak lingering flavor. Its not a heavy wine, very light Cherry taste.

Here is what the bottle says:
This Reserva, has been aged in American and French barriques for 24 months, before being bottled and held for a further 12 months prior to release. The resulting wine is crammed with red cherry and black fruit, mellowed by the creamy vanilla as a result of the oak aging. It still continues to mature well in bottle and will be at its best by the end of 2010. Perfect with hearty stews and casseroles.

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