Moving Furniture

For the past few weeks we've been packing our entire apartment that we've lived in for 16 years.
Wow do you accumulate a lot of STUFF.  Seriously I had no idea, well I think I did, but was just in denial, at what a pack rat I've become.  Not a hoarder, a pack rat.  So I have turned off my sentimental meter and really gone to town, tossing, donating, selling, not even looking at stuff, but just getting rid of it.

We're having our carpet torn out and new faux hard wood flooring put in.  Renting a U-Haul to store our stuff and begging good friends to help us move.  In the process we're turning SB's office into an office/guest room.  I'll have some before and after photos to show soon.  Hopefully it will be a nice minimal transformation.  I don't think we've thrown away nearly enough stuff, it's just overwhelming.

I think one should do this every few years to give yourself a reality check.  It will certainly help you to think twice about buying that tchotchke or keeping that old Angelina Jolie Vanity Fair, really who needs it.  On top of that life couldn't be busier for us with all our outside responsibilities and preparing to go to New Mexico to see family.  When it rains it pours. 
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