Tamworth - Day 8

After a wonderful week with I&G they were kind enough to drive us over an hour to Karl & Anne's (K&A) up in Tamworth.  It's pure English country living here, green grassy meadows, old charming estates and flats with oodles of history.  I, of course, soak this up.  It was a nice change from the bustling pace of the cities we'd been in.  We stayed with them for a week and loved every minute.  Just the driveway alone to the house was gorgeous, our pictures, SB took many of these, props to him and our competitive nature, it's really made him a better photographer :), don't do it justice.

 Road to K&A's.

Views from this road.

More views, wowwee.  Breathtaking.

I have to say we have great friends.  I&G took such great care of us and K&A continued the wonderful British hospitality. As we drive up to the house I can't help think of Jane Austin, I love her work and all the films, made from her books. This trip afforded me the opportunity to see some of the film locations. K&A's place has history, it's called Amington Hall, it's a manor house built in 1810 .  It's a two story building, K&A live in one of the 3 residence that this house been divided into.  Anne can comment on some of the specific history as she obviously she knows much more about it.

 As I call them, Lord & Lady Withington.

Front of their house.  I seriously wish there was a carriage in front, it's so Pride & Prejudice.  They do have lots of location scouts coming by, so far they haven't been in any of Ms. Austin's many film adaptations.

Back of the house.  They live upstairs and have the pleasure of those lovely windows above.  This particular garden they don't have, it belongs to the man who lives below, but it's lovely.  SB went all over the house taking these pictures.

The front door to the lobby and then....

Oh look, more stairs.  These were cool ones I have to say and leads to their true front door.

 I love tufted anything, and this sofa is outside the entrance of K&A's true front door.

 Wedgewood blue hall way, this is the first room we see, it's lovely.

 From the other end of the hall.

Besides our bedroom, this was my favorite room of the flat.  Anne says everyone walks in and immediately goes to the windows to look out.  We were very fortunate to have such good weather and this room was glowing with the sunshine that warmed up the honey colored walls.

I believe K&A said this Venetian chandelier was part of the house and it's amazing.  So delicate and intricate.

Another garden that's on the side of their house, also not their garden, but it's so English.

 Me enjoying the views of the fields.

Badger Hill.  Every night when we would drive back down the lane we'd be on "badger watch."  Unfortunately we never saw one, they are nocturnal animals and this is their hill.  We dare not disturb.

Our first day with them was chill, SB and K went to the local chippy and we had fish and chips and pints for dinner and went to bed early. 
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