Wino Wednesday

I know your all saying the same thing, doesn't she do anything else
other than drink wine?

Yes I do, but lately I haven't had time to blog about it.  I will though.
Two weeks from today I'll be in London and then off to Paris and then back to the countryside of England.
I seriously have waited WAY to long to go, ten years to be exact.
Super excited and in major anticipation.

So here's the wine of the week: 
4 meses en barrica (4 months in oak red wine - Product of Spain)

Provided as gift to one of my co-workers.
She is sharing with the team.
We've been working weekends and late evenings, yes again we deserve this.

First smell: Grapes
Second smell: Raisins
First taste: Smooth, light

Observations: Very light tasting, deep dark cherry color, a young wine, I mean it wasn't heavy and tasted like it could be in the barrel a little longer.

What we ate with it:  Ok I need to be more adventurous in the food area, usually I am.  But today we had, are you ready for this,....bread, cheese....oh and from this little French bakery, in Culver City, called Normandie, some lovely fruit tarts and coconut macaroons.  Must say the cheese had a strong smell and was very nutty.

What the bottle says:  Fruity and fresh wine from Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Aged for 4 months in new American oak barrels.  Deep cherry colour with purplish edge.  Very aromatic that exemplifies blackberries and the bramble patch touches of the land that add complexity and certain notes to the fruit.  Meaty in the mouth, with sweet tannin, certain warm notes and a powerful ripe fruit finish.

Where it was bought, how much it costs: Wine Expo in Santa Monica, CA for $15- $20
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