England - Day 3

Today we got up and dressed in our finest for a special tour at the British Museum.  Last time I visited the museum I was too lazy to dress up so we couldn't take the tour.  But this time we made it happen and met friends from Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Slovkia, Spain and England of course.  It was an international convention.

We got to see the Nabonidus cylinder which is as big as the palm of my hand, which means it's super small but really cool.  Our tour was on Egypt, the guide and artifacts made the pages come alive with understanding of the culture and practices of this world power.

After that we went home and changed into flatter shoes and more comfortable clothes to start our day long trek thru the city.  We ate lunch at a local Italian restaurant, Wildwood, with gigantic pizza's, and great sandwichs, which we all managed to engulf.  Then we were off to the Tower of London.

 Loved the presentation on this board of the sandwich and chips.
 Seriously should have shared my pizza it was big, but the carbs gave me energy to keep on walking.  

At the Tower we literally ran in and rushed to hear the last tour by the Beefeaters, love these guys.  Found out that they are required 22 years military service with fine conduct before they can even apply for the job.  They are essentially the Queen's body guards.  We actually were able to go into the chapel this time, where Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard are buried along with a few other notable people.  They Queen's jewels were outstanding, so much wealth, it's hard to comprehend.  We were able to see the London Tower bridge from the walls of the Tower of London.  Beautiful day compared to yesterday's rain.  Our heads were full of history and facts.  Bible tour and English History, but cup overflowth.  My favorite subject in school was history and still is in the top 5 things I love.

I know your all wondering where are the people pictures.  Well SB won't allow his face to be shown, but here's a nice peek at our dear friends Gwen and Ieuan who have been the most lovely host in their home country.

Have I told you how tired my feet, legs, thighs are?  Seriously we live in L.A. and everyone knows "nobody walks in L.A."  I have never done as many stairs in my life, never ever ever.  Not even at the stairs in SM Canyon.

However, despite the pain, our stomachs call and we all managed to make our way to Fulham Square, where I wanted to go to a Gastropub called Harwood Arms. We got to the area, but were unable to get in as we had no reservation.  So we instead stopped at the local Alehouse and had a pint and asked around for a good restaurant. We decided on the recommendation of My Dining Room, which took us a while to understand as we thought the waitress was inviting us to her dining room.  Not so much.  Short jaunt down the road and we found the place.  Hands down to date, this is the best meal we've had since we started the trip.  French fair which was so well made and delicious.  They menu changes everyday, but I will scan this one in, when I return, so you can see what a delicious meal it was.  SB and I did the 3 course tasting menu which was well worth the deal.  Pictures to come in a few days.

The Dining Room
18 Farm Lane, 
London SW6 
1PP- 0207 381 3331
Nearest Tube station : Fulham Broadway. -  5 minutes walking distance
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