England - Day 1

After a long horrendous ride in coach on AA, 9 + hours we finally arrived to LHR. Truly sucks not to have cash or miles to fly in business class, at the very least, it would make this trip so much more fun. Exhausted and pretzeled up we met our friend Anne for the painting exchange.  Yes we brought a 40x30 painting with us, surprisingly that was the easy part, I thought it would be difficult.  After that SB and I made our way to the Underground and bought our ticket on the Piccadilly line for South Kensington, where we had to ask for directions as I lapsed into planning this part of our trip.  It was a few blocks down on cobblestone streets, which is always fun to navigate with luggage.  When we arrived to yet another set of stairs SB said "I'll bring the luggage up you open the door." Gladly I ran up the stairs to open the door.  As my friend G will remember all those Underground stairs are back breaking after a long flight.  So I was glad to have SB here with me.  First impressions in the hotel lobby was it was lovely. Full of still life photo's everywhere. The inviting host who checked us in, with all the formality you'd expect in England, yes" Mr. and Mrs. P, or yes Mr and Mrs G have arrived.  Would you like a welcome cocktail".  "OH YES WE WOULD."  We settled into the lobby while they fetched our key and our friends Gwen and Ieuan came down. 

It's been 7 years since we've seen each other and Gwen and I've known each other since we were teenagers.  Lovely welcome and nice relaxing time in the lobby with our G&T and good long time friends.  After a nap and a quick wardrobe change we headed out to Covent Garden where I never it made it last time we checked out a few tea shops and then off to our first proper British pub.  Wellington Pub is what it's called.  We drank our pints and then headed to a Japanese food place called Wagamama, it's a chain restaurant but perfect noodles, ramen and curries for our first night.

Old style radio in eggshell blue, perfect.
Gorgeous chandelier.
 Wing back chair, with some serious wings.  This is me in the chair looking around the entrance way of the hotel lobby.  Loved the books and yet another chandelier.
 Landing on the 2nd floor of our 3 stair case walk to our room.  I would like to sit here and read.
 Lovely bathroom
View from our room.  There is a lady sitting in the room at the top left, we have to watch out for her, I wish I knew what she was doing?  Feels so Rear Window.  Night time came and we passed out at 10:30pm and up at 4:00 a.m. ugh....we made ourselves sleep.
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