Day of Rest - Day 11

What did we do this day well in a few words:  sleep in, eat (full English breakfast:  bacon, sausage, mushrooms, two over easy eggs, toast and beans), a meeting, family and friend for dinner and conversation.  Perfect for us, we needed a day with no walking around.

After the meeting we went home, but the day before as Anne was preparing for this meal she went whizzing through the grocery store and realized when she got to the check out she'd forgotten the custard for the berry crumble she was making for dinner.  So she asked Karl to get some for her.  Here's how that dialog went:

Karl:  Are you ready yet?
Anne:  Karl I've forgotten the custard, can you go get us some custard?
Karl:  Ok, will do.
(Karl brings back two small pints of custard)
Anne:  Oh Karl, this is plain custard, I wanted Madagascar Vanilla custard.
Karl:  Oh, how am I suppose to know that?
Anne:  It's what we eat every time, ugh, this will do.

Got to love these marital dialogues, after 30 years, their allowed.  And I must add that despite it not being Madagascar Vanilla custard the apple blackberry crumble with custard was delightful.

Unfortunately, I did not take one picture this day.  I was "gutted" that despite the lovely company of Anne and Karl's parents, brother Steve and dear friends Mick and Wendy, I have NOT one picture of them.
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