Cheltenham - Day 6 & 7

Oh the trials of trains and travel, exhauste mundo.  Seriously three trains and two taxi's later we arrived from Paris to Cheltenham with a bag full of tea's and chocolates from London and Paris.  We had one hour and half to rest and share one bathroom and get ready for a local meeting with I&G, this was the only chance for us to meet their friends, so despite our exhaustion we went.

The whole time I felt like I was swaying still on the train. I met some of their really great friends. I never get to spend enough time in this town, but I enjoy it everytime. After the meeting we went to a pub and got some dinner, this was the night I saw the Butcher's Banksy, which I was delighted by.

The Count and Countess outside their humble abode.  This was after a nice night of rest.  Featured in arms is Watson a great kitty.  Incidently Watson is kind of like a dog.  Roams the streets about 4 block radius and has a few friends around.  He sleeps in his own little bed every night.  I got up one morning, greeted Watson and sat down and enjoyed the daffodils and lovely purple door outside their window.  Gwen came down and was surprised that "Monkey" was in "Watson's" bed.  I hadn't even notice it was a different colored kitty.  He's Watson's friend and decided to come in and have a lie down in his bed and enjoyed his food as well.   Monkey isn't even his name, but he's definitely a "cheeky monkey" for coming thru the kitty door, stepping over Gwen, while they slept in the basement, giving us there lovely bed.  Cheeky indeed.  
Gotta love this word.

The next day our friends that we met 7 years ago came to spend the day with us.  They were kind enough to take the day off and book a local hotel in Cheltenham.  Last time we saw them they didn't have a little girl.  Now she's 5 years old.  Lovely family and joy to see them again.  We went out for my first full English breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, mushrooms and toast) more then enough food for four people.

Then we drove our way through the countryside, this was our first time seeing it after two big cities, it is so green and every village completely charming.  We drove through a small village which I snapped a few pictures of. As we drove by these two horse poked their heads out of the stone building and "nayed."  Loved this.

Beautiful creek running thru this village.

We proceeded to Cotswold farm and walked around petting and feeding all the animals.
Piglets chasing mom down for some lunch.

One of many feeding times.

Layla jumping on the gynormous bouncy pillow.

As our custom has been we stop in the afternoon for drinks at the pub.  Can't get much better than a pint, old friends and lovely little girl.  The Royal pub stop, as we will soon find out, many places stop serving hot food after half past two (2:30 for us American's).  So it's a pint and crisps (potato chips for us in the states)

Our pint options, which we enjoyed.

The Royal owner, owning his pink shirt, who I talked into letting me take a picture of himself next to the lime green lamp.  I think he'd had a few pints as well, which is A ok with me.

We returned to Cheltenham and walked our way to the Royal Well Tavern.  Food here changes everyday according to what the chef decides to make and local ingredients.  Some of us chose the three course tasting menu.

Starter of frisee with apples.
Mushroom fricasee, wow was this ever good.  I will be making it at home.

SB had the seared mackerel, followed by steamed mussels.  He ate lots of seafood on this trip as this was the most likely options for him.

This is a gem of a place to eat, a must if you get to Gloucstershire.

The Royal Well Tavern
5 Royal Well Place.
Cheltenham. Gloucestershire.
GL50 3DN
Tel: 01242 221212
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