Burton on Trent - Day 13

Here's how my morning went:  drank Earl Grey tea, rushed to Burton on Trent, got lost, took a Marston Brewery tour and drank beer all before 12noon.  Nice breakfast right?

After watching a program in the U.S. about Dogfish Head Brewery, SB and I've wanted to brew our own beer. We've got a lot to learn and this tour helped.  This is a massive brewery.  You smell the Malt in the malt room and the yeast permeates the fermenting room, I started craving a hot loaf of bread slathered with butter during this part of the tour.  SB was in heaven.  He called the room above the nursery, it was like looking at all the newborn babies, only now it's barrels of beer.  Go figure.

 Final end product from the bottle-capping machine.

Country full of short people.

In England when they serve beer from the draft, they prime the pump before anything ever comes out, makes for a delicious beer.

 Me and Sheila, she was a lovely tour guide.

After the tour they let us try a few pints of beer and everyone was able to take two bottles of beer home.  I thought SB and Karl looked like the happiest men on the planet when they discovered that.  All for 6£ = nearly $10.  I tried the Oyster Stout and it tasted like it had some chocolate malt in it.  When I went back to the malt room and was able to smell all the malt pellets and indeed it smelled chocolaty.

After the brewery we did get lunch and toured the town center of Tamworth, where K&A live. 
Anne and I got in a little shopping here and there too.

Other than Disneyland in Anaheim, how many times do you see this many swans together.  Again not a bird fan, but they are a graceful creature.

Marston's Brewery,
The Brewery,
Shobnall Road,
Burton Upon Trent,
DE14 2BW
Tel: 01283 507 391

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