So what did you all eat while watching the superbowl?

I had two friends over, very casual, and I served Trader Joes concocted dishes.
The first one I had at my friend B's house.  It's not her usual fair, but I call this trailer trash cheesy goodness.  Please do not be offended, I have many lovely friends and family that live in trailers, love it and embrace it.  But this is a sharp cheddar pub cheese in a plastic container.  I heat it up with a vegetarian chili that I swear taste like it has meat in it.  Serve warm with nice sturdy corn chips, chips need to be strong as the cheesy goodness is thick.  

The other concoction is another demo at Trader Joes.  Beef and pork meatballs with bbq sauce.  At the store then were microwaving, I usually only use mine for warming up stuff.  So I baked mine for 30 minutes and warmed up the kansas bbq sauce, mix and serve with toothpicks.  Seriously was the best stuff.   We ate other good things too, this was just the start, but fun stuff to munch on.

And of course I made cosmo's for us girls and the boys drank beer, as usual. 
Cheesy goodness and meatballs, YUM.  BOO that the Steelers lost. 

I know I should talk about the ads, it is Superbowl, and I am in the ad business.  So here's my two cents, loved the car ads.  Chrylser with Eminem, epic, emotional, edgy, awesome.  Longest spot, 2 minutes, was riveted from the beginning.  For moms and anyone with kids, and all of us that grew up in the 70's, loved VW's Darth Vadar ad.  That kid was so expressive, and with a DV mask.  What does it tell me about the car? Well other than you can start the car with your key chain fob, not much else.  Who cares, love Star Wars, loved that the mimic the opening shot of that movie and love that kid.  There you go.
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