High Tea at Peninsula Beverly Hills

So a couple of weeks ago my friends and I took our friend Ashlee to the Peninsula Hotel for High Tea. Ashlee just got married and we wanted to do something nice for her.
And hands down the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills has the best High Tea in California.
Here are the ladies who lunch, all happy to be together, and enjoying ourselves to a civilized afternoon. Champagne doesn't hurt either. Don't we look like a Benetton ad?

My only complaint for the afternoon is we didn't get to sit in the "Living Room" which is a lovely room, with big comfy shabby chic sofa's and harp playing. We did have our tea outside on the patio which was very pleasant and did allow us to talk a little louder than we would usually.

We started off with strawberries and the creamiest clotted cream, it was thick and buttery, perfect for topping off strawberries.

The sandwichs and desserts were yummy, they even let us have a few extra salmon ones and let us choose what we wanted more of the tier for the vegetarians among us.

The next picture of scones leads me to tell a story of a high tea my friend Miche and I went to at the Four Seasons in Carlsbad California many moons ago. This Four Seasons is a beautiful location and we had a whole weekend to indulge. My friend Miche and I had been to many high teas before so we knew what to expect. However, her mother had never been to a tea.
And so we sat down and ordered our tea and prepared ourselves for tasty treats. This was also great conversation day. When the tier of goodies arrived the hostess described what was in each dessert and sandwhich and ended with the scones. Here's how that went:

She said, "I would start with the scones."

Miche and I said, "oh great." As we reach for a scone with our hands....

She says, "Oooohh we're touching, we're touching" and proceeds to pull out silver tongs and gently clutch a scone and place it ever so delicately on a piece of English China.

Miche's mom is mortified. Miche and I nearly fell off the couch dieing laughing. Really who does this. Snobbery can be so hilarious sometimes.

Back to our tea. Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills is a must visit tea if your into that kind of thing. It's nice to get dressed up and take a break from the monotony. On our way out of the hotel lobby we saw a line of really nice cars, including a couple of Ferrari's. We got a kick out of a guy unsuccessfully trying to start his engine, embarrassing to say the least, but he and his trophy lady finally got it right just about the same time my keyed Ford Explorer pulled up. Even us "beer" girls can have "champagne" taste.

Peninsula Beverly Hills
9882 S. Little Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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