La Grande Orange


I think I'm addicted to the color "Orange." I regularly read L.A.'s Daily Candy and get the weekend updates on things to do in L.A. So for literally 5 days I had been trying to go to the new Intellentgensia Coffee shop on, you guessed it, Abbot Kinney. Well they must have delays to get it opened despite the promotion on Daily Candy. So C and I took a Tuesday detour to another place I have yet to try, La Grande Orange on Main Street in Santa Monica.

Mirrored Wall

This place is always packed at night but when we drive by in the morning we parked right in front and walked in the dining room which was pretty cool even though it was a bit dark for morning. They have only been open about 2 weeks at this point.

Wine Wall

It was not what we had in mind for a cup of coffee and a small breakfast.

Kitchen path
However, we were directed to walk down this way (see above)

Once we got to the other side we said "aaaah" ok this is better.
Pastries and coffees a galore.
Menu Board
We ate in the dark dining room and they brought us our coffee.

Number 81

I had a Havana latte, and believe it or not I added sugar in it before tasting it. Seriously what kind of Cuban am I if I can't remember that a Havana (should be spelled Habana) latte's (or Cafe con leche) has LOADS of sugar. Seriously with the coffee and my amazing scone I was having a sugar rush.
Blackberry Scone
Check out the blackberries in this scone. Mega berry.

Outdoor patio with you guessed it
Orange Umbrella,
Orange umbrellas.
C loved this place so much she back that night for dinner and said it was amazing.


La Grande Orange
2000 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 396-9152

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