Suzanne's at Ojai

Every few years we have the privilege of being invited by dear friends to dine with them up in Ojai (oh-hi) Valley a quaint town with an artsy, hippie flair. Ojai also can boast to one of the best spas in California, Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. This year we were invited to dine with them at Suzannes's Cuisine. Coming to Suzanne's you almost feel like your having a nice dinner at a friends house. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is homey but elegant. SB and I drove just over an hour to dine with our friends and promptly ordered a vodka tonic and gin and tonic to refresh us after a lovely drive up the coast with views of a breath taking sunset.Suzanne's was quick about getting ready for the season as the entire place was decorated with snowflakes, twinkle lights and evergreens.Everything served from Suzanne's kitchen is the freshest and best ingredients. I shared the an arugala salad with pancetta and blue cheese stuffed figs. For my main course I and order the pork medallions with a slice of pear and a sliver of gorgonzola. Also served with roasted potatoes, baby carrots and asparagus.
Dessert for the children consisted of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, that were so decandent and rich that I'm sure they were jumping up and down when they returned to their hotel. For dessert I had Café Liegeois De La Maison , which is Suzanne's version of an ice cream sundae. Coffee ice cream, fresh whipped cream chocolate sauce and Kahlua. I figured we had a long drive home I might as well get well caffeinated for the ride home.My favorite comment of the evening was from my friends oldest boy, only 7. He was playing with the silverware making all kinds of words and such. He made this lovely interpretation and tapped me on the arm, telling me "hey look, the 405." Seriously this kid is an L.A. boy thru and thru. He's already aware that the 405 freeway is consistently jammed and commonly referenced by Angelino's as a "parking lot."
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