Sweet and Savory Evening


Last night a good friend who is an amazing host, cook, mother, decorator, gardener, baker this list goes on, had an evening of all appetizers, both sweet and savory.


I took a million pictures of everything that came out.

Chinese Chicken Salad crisps

Chinese Chicken Salad on crispy wontons.

Cheese platter
bacon wrapped scallop

Cheese plate with Chipolte cheese, smoked gouda, brie a tasty platter of interesting flavors. Delicious bacon wrapped scallops.

mushroom bruschetta

Mushroom sausage bruschetta. This was my favorite as I could eat pounds and pounds of mushrooms. We wanted to stuff filo doughs with this but ran out of time so a couple of slices of bread toasted and then a dab of mushrooms was a welcomed and tasty alternative.

Shrimp cocktail
cocktail shot glasses

Shrimp and frozen ice shot glasses with cocktail sauce to go.


Filo dough cups with chicken, parsley pesto and olives.

Cucumber salmon cream cheese

Cucumber slices with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

Pigs in the blanket
Turkey dinner purses

Tabouli stuffed cucumbers, pigs in a blanket with savory sausage wrapped in the perfect pasty dough. Followed by a special turkey dinner purse with a cranberry surprise.

And dessert was fantastic. My favorite dessert that she makes are these crispy pavlova's with kiwi's and berries and a little passion fruit sauce to top it off.

Chocolate fountain
Fruit to dip

Chocolate Fountain followed with various fruits and cookies to dip. I loved watching the kids dip everything possible in this fountain. Poor little ones were left rolling on the floor with serious tummy aches.

Cheese cake

Cheesecakes with dripping cherry sauce and Champagne to follow.

This appetizer meals and array of desserts is my favorite way to eat a meal. I went back for seconds of the savory and forgot about the sweets coming next, but somehow I managed to find room for those as well. Seriously a night of good food, good wine and most of all good company.

Bravo SS it was a night to remember.

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