bread & butter

This has to be one of my favorite breakfast foods. I just love bread and butter no matter what my mood. Lately I've become partial to ciabatta bread. Ciabatta has been quite popular here in L.A. with much thanks to all the great bread makers in town, like Nancy Silverton. The ciabatta, in italian it means carpet slipper for it's shape, is originally from Italy. I'm not sure I think it looks like a carpet slipper, but some Italian thought so, it's more like a nicely folded towel. I just thought of my linen closet and that's the shape of my towels.

Today the ciabatta I ate was from Trader Joes, usually it's LaBrea bakery. I love the texture of the slice. After a light toasting, spread with nice soft salty butter, wow it's a great thing. This "light toasting" doesn't mean I don't ocassionally burn my toast, I do, and often, and I do eat it, unless flames are involved. My grandmother notoriously burnt toast in the morning, she ate it, so I and several of my cousins followed suit. We both still enjoy a nice burnt piece of toast slathered with butter in the morning.

Usually at night I have this bread with a little extra virgin olive oil and just a pinch of sea salt. With a glass of white crisp fruity wine it's the perfect way to end your day. It's become one of my favorite morning and evening meals.
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