Father's Office

No Wino Wednesday this week.  It's Beer Friday instead.  But before I get into my trip to Father's Office I cannot neglect the weird day.

Forgive this long, run on sentence to come.  I need to get it all out at once:
It was a super weird day in fact, our family, well my family, from NM called this morning at the ungodly hour, you know when your in a deep sleep, to tell us there was tsunami coming our way and to evacuate, so we got up and turned on the L.A. News, the trite, non-alarming L.A. news, with it's over fascination with Charlie Sheen, to find out that in fact their was an advisory for Southern California to be hit by a tsunami. Bleary eye'd and all we got it, we found out that their was an earthquake in Japan, and then a devastating tsunami and then the advisory. The waves were suppose to hit Santa Monica at 8:30 a.m., they said 3-4 ft, but none of the experts were sure if it would get bigger as 3 or 4 waves had already hit Hawaii, but weren't as big as they thought.  Our friends who live in the tsunami area at sea-level, in Venice and MDR, left to higher ground or their offices inland. Some went on with their usual days.  However all the piers were closed and helicopters circled the area all day.

So SB and I had one of those silly conversations, or dumb, however you want to look at it. Yes he surfs, yes he wanted to go see the waves at the ocean, yes everyone he called on to check if they were ok asked him NOT to go surfing.  Here's our conversation:

SB:  Let's get dressed and go to the Palisades bluff and look at the waves.
Me:  Uuuh NO.
SB:  Come on we'll be on the bluffs, let's check it out.
Me:  Seriously haven't you and I watched every disaster movie and said "how stupid are those people who go out to the beach and watch the tsunami wave come it."  Yeah duh.

So what did we do, we waited till 9:15 and then made our way to the tsunami area, Venice & MDR.  Seriously I'm thinking to myself, we are so NOT smart, but the beach cams all showed less then stellar waves and no need for alarm and the tsunami sirens did not go off.  So we went on with our usual day. I found all this alarming that we are so L.A. you should see us when we get a little trembler, we just sit there and ride it out and then go on with our business.

Finally now that I got this out of the way it brings me to Father's Office.  This week we feature beer in Culver City along with their scrumptious food.  They tout themselves as a Gastropub, which we intend on visiting many of in England.

Now I've been to the original Father's office in Santa Monica, and though they have the same thing as the one in Culver City, CC is definitely without the pretensions of the original.  Santa Monica is small and ridiculous.  I never feel any bar is worth standing in line to get in and then standing in another line to get beer.  Their food is gourmet, they are known for their "office burger" which is a kobe beef burger with bleu cheese, it's rich and juicy.  I personally love their cheese platter and sweet potato fries, served with a bleu cheese dressing.  They do not serve anything with ketchup, and don't ask for it, it's not in the building.  If you want ketchup, bring your own bottle in your coat pocket, like our friend Eric did once.  This evening we said goodbye to a great work-mate, moving to NY.  Very sad to see him leave, he is a SUPER STAR.

The bar has over 36 beers on tap and serves artisan wines and some spirits, only in Culver City.  No vodka in the building.  When my friend asked for a vodka tonic, they told him they didn't have that so they gave him what they thought was an equivalent.  Ginger Ale with a high-end tequila.  He wasn't impressed.

The rest drank Pinot Noir and beer.  They serve a great Alagash and I had a Chateau Blanc beer, well it sounded like that's what the bartender said, Chateau, but he did definitely say Blanc.  It was tasty.  Light with a lemony aftertaste.

Here's the oyster, lovely and delish, at least that was what I was told.  It's a texture thing for me and I need to feel 100% healthy before I'll start eating that.

I love this location, it's easy to park and easy to get in before 8PM.  The crowds start by that time and it's pick-up season all over the place.  For a much more detailed story of this great Gastropub at the Helms Bakery in Culver City go here, a fantastic post at eatdrinknbmerry.

Father's Office - Culver City
3229 Helms Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 815-9820
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