Paris - Day 4

Wow what to say about this day.  In a word "tired."  We are really super duper tired.  If anyone has ever done the Eurostar from London to Paris, they know what I mean.  G, Steph, Miche and Pat and I did this 10 years ago, and let me tell you it's the same thing.  Exhausting.  They only thing that keeps you going is it's Paris and indeed it is.  We saw so much today even though it was afternoon when we arrived.

First landmark out of the Metro was the Arc de Triumph and then off to the Eiffel Tower,  I finally got to see it from a perspective I often see in fashion shoots by the military museum.  There was also a starting point for a mile long crowd of rollerblader's, oh I wished I had stayed to see the start of that.  It was crowded in the area that has the view of the tower with French protestors, which I've heard is NOT unusual.  But the picture above, NOT retouched was from this area.  Gorgeous view. We also took some very interesting photographs from under the Eiffel Tower, very cool.

Before the boat tour we notice afashion  photoshoot going on, so I snapped a few of my own. 
 Love it.

 This is a glorious rich, gold shiny bridge.  So decadent.

Afterwards we took a cruise on the Seine River, which I've never done before.  This was a great idea as our tired feet needed a rest and this is a perfect way to see all the major sites.  The bridges and buildings were amazing.  I absolutely loved the carousel.  

We did try to go to a recommended place for dinner, but it was closed. So we settled for another place which was not really very appealing so no photos. Actually the food could have been marvelous, but we were so exhausted that putting the fork to our mouth was more than a minor effort, it was the hardest thing to do next to walking back to our hotel.

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